Effects of Mobile Phones and SMS on Dating

sms and datingThe only way you wouldn’t have heard of SMS or texting is if you’ve lived your whole life under a rock. Texting has become very important in today’s world and mobile phone users are always on their phones, sending and receiving SMS.

Since the world is ever growing and developing and more than half of the world all use mobile phones today, the dating world has got caught up in the mobile phones and SMS rave. With the high rate of people dating online and the number of long-distance relationships, SMS has become a convenient way for people to maintain contact and keep in touch.

Today, you don’t need to have met who you’re having a conversation with or who you’re falling in love with to talk to them, with the SMS and instant messaging sites, the world has been pulled really close. Phones models like Samsung, Nokia, LG, are some of the phones that aid this SMS dating.

One of the characteristics of the SMS is the shortness of the message. Say you forgot something, you can easily send a message to your friend to get it for you: “Hey! Forgot my tab. Kip it 4 me & I’ll collect when we see.” Or say you want to change the time for a date or the venue, all you have to do is send an SMS.

How effective is SMS as a dating method? Well, all mobile phone makers include the SMS in their phones because basically, it brings money in for them.

A recent survey showed how far-reaching the effects that mobile phones and SMS have on dating are.

  • 10% of people have texted someone at one point in their lives. That is, they have used the SMS to pass message across to someone they probably didn’t know in person.
  • 38% of people have had their dates reply SMS sent while they were having conversations over dinner. That means that while they were talking, their date received an SMS on their mobile device and after reading the message, replied.
  • 17% of people have sent texts, either real or genuine to wriggle themselves out of a date that was not going well.
  • 8% of the people admit that their relationships had ended because their partner was addicted to their phone, which meant that the said partner responded to messages repeatedly while they were together.
  • 28% of people will rather text than have a long conversation.

There is no denying the fact that mobile phones and SMS have changed the way things are done, dating included. Those who want to find love and are open to trying new things can try out SMS dating and then provide feedbacks o how it went.

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