How To Deal With Rejection From Women

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There are several men who have gotten rejected by women. However this has somewhat turned into something common. Women these days have more attraction towards men who are wealthy and good looking, so men who seem to be lower in standards are rejected by most of the women. Some women over do it so much that they tend to reject men due to their complexion. Yet due to rejection some men have turned out to be really depressed and have lost all faith in life and love.

The question that is mostly asked is, what do women try to say when they are friendly, loving and caring towards men? Why do they even reject?

Well, here’s the answer. Women are very sensitive and hard to understand. They always tend to look at their own safety boundaries before taking a step forward. If anyone tries to break their safe spots and just drag them out, then rejection would be the outcome. Being proposed to, or dating should be done in the right way, however most men don’t understand about what type of a character and personality women has. Some women do not like things go be known by the public, whereas there are other women enjoys sharing great news with the world, also there is another kind, who only enjoys sharing these happy news with family.

Most men get rejected due to these reasons. They just go too fast without even trying to understand women. Rushing is not the answer, nor is waiting too long. If you wait too long, then within that time period she would begin to date someone else. Here are some brief explanation about certain things you need to know in order to understand women, and most of all to know how to deal with rejection itself.

How To Approach Women

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Approaching women can be one of the most toughest yet interesting things in life, because you never know of their character or personality, it’s just that you have been watching over them without their knowledge and fell in love with everything that particular person did which was the thunderbolt to you heart.

The best way to approach women is by approaching to her closest friend first, not to flirt or date, but to express your true feelings to her, and to learn more about the one you love. If you talk to her politely then this could be your chance to learn more about the one you love, and especially to know if she is single in the first place. You do not want to go directly propose to a girl who’s already taken that is not what a gentleman would do.

Once you find out about her, do things that she loves and make her notice you, which would then help you get close to her step by step, and chances are your character might be the attraction she’s looking for. Remember, if you directly run to a girl as a stranger and try to ask her on a date, she is definitely going to freak out and reject you right away and you would only be left with embarrassment and a broken heart.

Why You Should Not Feel Bad Even If She Rejects You

The first reason why you should not feel depressed or embarrassed or any of those negative feelings is because you are an honest guy who went to express your feelings towards a woman who you thought would be the best for you, however your feelings are true and hers? Nope, not at all. It is her, who missed a great guy like you. It takes a lot of guts and positivity to even think about your future soul mate and make an approach, which means you are stronger and worthy than you even know.

Women tend to judge too fast, and think too fast, which is the reason most of them end up with the wrong soul mate and then regret that they have made a wrong decisions. There is no reason for negative thoughts because you only followed what your heart said and you were being honest with yourself.

The Main Facts To Avoid Rejection

To avoid rejection as much as possible, men should stop pretending. That’s right, quit being someone that you are not. A social and independent character is not going to attract women. Women look for guys with their own unique personality which is the only way possible way to gain women attention. Men’s interests are mostly on seduction. Do you think that seduction would get you a lady with great qualities? Trust me, if she falls for you due to seduction that definitely means she has fallen for many other guys before you. Men need to avoid all their plans and pit holes that they try to dig in order to catch a woman. Be yourself, and the right woman will come to you within time.

Women Judging You Has Two Different Reasons

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Women tend to judge you every now and then about your approach, your character, your personality, your surroundings and even your hairstyle. Women judge you a lot because they want to know if you are a stable guy with patients and a polite heart to accept what they have to say, and if you would listen to them and change yourselves to the standard and perfection that they expect. This is the best way to make her interested about you.

Once you show her that you have changed yourself just for her, just to impress and make her happy, that is the moment her heart begins to bloom with love just for you, yet she will not show her love and feelings to you. Why? Well that’s just how women are. Once you have a space in her heart, she will begin to irritate you a lot more, and even try to avoid you. All this is done just to see if you would still remain by her side, or if you would leave.

These are more like “tests” from women. They only do this to see if you would remain by their side no matter how they treat you, if you succeed in proving that you are a genuine character then trust me my friend, she will love you more than anyone else possibly can.

Most people may tell you that you should not be shy, you should be straight forward and strong, but trust me, women loves men who are shy. That is because it proves that you are not a flirt nor a player. You are a guy with an honest heart and soul which has fallen in love with the woman of your choice. So even if you are a shy guy don’t be afraid to go tell her about how you feel. However always remember not to go directly approach when she doesn’t even know who you are. First let her notice you, send her flowers with cute letters, and make her curious to know who you are, after several attempts to make her curious, send her a final letter asking her to date you.

This is one of the best ways to gain a woman’s attention. She would definitely come to at least know of the person sending her all these lovely flowers and letters, in deed this will give you a wonderful opportunity to talk and express her about your true feelings towards her. Don’t have doubts in yourself as you do this, trust in yourself first, and do this with all the confidence and positivity. Stay strong my friend. She’s only a girl, not a demon, she can be your angel, so don’t miss your opportunities to win her heart.

Love is the most beautiful thing; do not let rejection take this beautiful part of your life away from you forever. Just know that every failure leads you one step closer to achieving your dreams and desires. Whoever rejected you, show them that you are worth it, and show them it’s they who missed a great guy like you. As you begin to develop your character and personality you will find the perfect match who would accept you for who you are, not for all these temporary features, but for your true feelings which are in the deepest depth of your heart. Move on, life is not a living hell, it’s just the place where we fall and learn to pick ourselves back up and stand stronger than before.

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