Ending A Relationship; Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

breakup of relation
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Breaking up is not an easy task to do as either party ends up being hurt. There is no particular formula or way to end a relationship. Someone people will be honest with one another and bite the bullet by the head. Others will get very upset and set their ex’s belonging on fire or throw them out of the window.

There is another category of people who fear to bite the bullet by the head. This kind of people makes ending a relationship awkward as nobody want to be the bad guy or even speak his or her mind. This is the most torturous situation as both parties are left with lingering thoughts and questions. Keep on reading and I will share with you the best way to end a relationship without traumatizing one another.

1) Delivery Of The Bad News

Do not wait until your partner is about to head out of the house to work or to pick up the children for you to deliver the bad news. Human beings react negatively when it comes to bad news and thus your partner will be overwhelmed with anxiety.

Approach your partner when he or she has some time to process the bad news. You might say that there is no right time to deliver such news, there is certainly a bad time.

2) Don’t End It On A Telephone

Ending a relationship is a decision you have made up from your heart due to good reasons. Therefore, be also bold enough and face him or her. Never break up with your partner over a phone conversation just the same way you did not seduce her over the telephone. Ending a relationship over the phone will cause distress to your partner and will lead to more trouble than the one you are trying to solve.

3) Be Decided

Do not threaten to end the relationship if you do not mean it. Some people will threaten to break up with their partner to make them change their behavior. Ensure there is lack of joy, contentment, love and respect which cannot be revived before you say it’s over. If both of you think there is hope for you continuing to be together, seek counseling to avoid blaming yourself for letting go without a fight. Breaking up causes disappointment, resentment and confusion which are phases you are going to deal with in the recovery process.

4) Take Responsibility

Finally, take responsibility of the action you want to take and avoid killing the relationship before you even end it. After that, choose a quiet private place to deliver the bad news to your partner. Be prepared to keep calm if your partner respond in anger or manipulative behavior. Ending a relationship with blame, criticism, complains, or accusations is not the best way to break up with your partner.