How To Avoid The Shady Side Of Dating – For Men

Shady Side Of Dating
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The title has it all included, that’s right, this article is all about dating advice for Men. Men always look for a serious and long lasting relationship which is filled with stable bond and happiness, along with less drama and fights. However they still like to make their loved one’s angry every now and then, but they only do it because they love to see how women react. More like teasing, yet there are some women out there who don’t seem to understand this fun and happy moments of being in love, or dating.

Women however on the other hand are very emotional, their minds and reactions are like waves of the ocean. Sometimes they go so high, almost and sometimes just calm and peaceful to look at. Which is why it’s not always known to be the best time to mess with a woman, you never know what kind of a wave is inside that mind.

best broken heart
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The main reason that men end up with broken heart is because of their expectations. Some men tend to be really controlling over their loved ones, whereas the opposite gender begins to feel irritated and this indeed would lead to serious problems and might as well end up in a place where it shouldn’t. Yes, you know what I mean “you split” or “break up”. Then both of them begin to lose their faith in love and dating, and begins to shut down everyone around them which leads to a miserable and lonely life filled with nothing but a long beard and under eye darkness due to all the stress in your mind.

It is however best if both parties in a relationship would understand each other, and know that they both have equal rights and emotional feelings in their relationship. If one tends to take over everything, then in fact it is not going to be long lasting. When you are in a relationship, you are to be “One”, by one I mean, both your souls should be together as one, not separated as two.

In order to avoid the big traps of love failure and more, it is important that both parties have patients in their heart, and have zero percent “ego”. Ego can simply kill relationships within minutes. Even if a relationship has lasted several years, if one has ego then the entire relationship can break apart into bits and pieces and all those years would be nothing but memories in black and white.

Learn to let go of the problem even if you are right, don’t keep fighting to make your loved one feel wrong. If she is too stubborn to listen to you, then simply admit that it was your fault, embrace her and apologize. There is no win or lose when it comes to a relationship between two, failure or success, you both are equal to that too. Once you tell her that it is your fault, she will begin to calm herself, which makes her mind go over the problem and she would realize that it wasn’t your fault, but was hers. She would then understand that your love for her is way precious than hers for you. This is one very best way to make one understand to let go of ego and to be united as one forever. At least one of you should be matured enough when it comes to a relationship, if you both try to be kids at serious situations, then you would never be able to find someone who would suit you. Don’t wait for age to give you maturity, maturity comes from knowledge, not from time.

Relationship is something that we all look for, but in common we all look for a long lasting relationship. However most men tend to fall in love to gain physical pleasure. Women however they are not the type who would want to have such physical pleasure without at least dating you for over a year, or minimum of six months. There are several other women who tend to only have such physical contact after marriage, just like this, the types and characteristics of women vary. Having a relationship does not mean you should have physical pleasures, you do not fall in love for such pleasures, but because of how happy you feel when you are with them. This is love, and if you want physical pleasure, then my friend that is just lust. The big trap indeed is one’s way of thinking and reacting, if you both have mutual understanding, then there will not be any of these conflicts amid you both. Love today, and live for today, for tomorrow might never come.